Professional Headshots by Heather Crowder

YOU are your brand, and your image is one of your most important business tools.  Social media outlets like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Google + are now the driving force of marketing for businesses of all sizes, and imagery is a big part of that.  More than just a flattering photograph, an updated, professional headshot is important in conveying who you are to your target audience, and what you want to communicate to your potential client. 

Heather Crowder's approach to photographing executive headshots is modern and relaxed, ensuring that she connects with her subjects so your finished images will reflect your personality, professionalism, and confidence.   Contact us for more information about your corporate headshot or personal branding images.  Whether you'd like to be photographed in our gorgeous natural light studio, or on location at your office or other destination, we look forward to discussing your vision for your session with you.



"First I really want to thank you for a wonderful experience. This was so much more than a photo shoot for a professional shot.  Your team took what is traditionally a stressful, uptight, impersonal process and turned it into something fun and decadent.  The stylist and make-up artist were fantastic.  Pre-shoot instructions and communications were extremely helpful and thorough.  Everyone took such care to address each client's individual personality, embracing their unique features and personality rather than trying to fit everyone into some mold or box of what a professional head shot should look like. Instead of formal, stuffy, generic, sterile...this felt fun, relaxed, decadent, and personal.  I walked out of the studio feeling like a million bucks! Thank you." - T.H.